Games Make You Mad


It must be true, the Daily Mail says so.

The UK’s most evil newspaper (it is, I conducted a study in my house and it narrowly pipped the Express to the title) has reported on a Children’s Society paper entitled the Good Childhood report.

The report cited a number of sensible suggestions like for instance, maybe the celebrity-obsessed culture isn’t good for teenage pregnancy rates. Or perhaps the suggestion that many parents are too concerned with work and possibly don’t spend enough time actually parenting might lead to some problems for the nation’s children.

So from what I can gather the report was actually not too bad considering how these things usually turn out.

How did the Daily Mail report it?

Computers and TV Blamed for Teenage Violence and Casual Sex

The “news” paper’s first quote from the report was one that implied that video games, the internet and television made you violent and, eventually, mentally ill.

I would like to put forward the theory that, whilst reading the Daily Mail certainly won’t make you mentally ill, it might make you a bit racist, homophobic, xenophobic and a possibly even a little bit stupid.