Cuboid, Magic Ball, Mahjong To Get DLC

We’re big fans of everything Creat Studios and Tik Games are doing with regards to exclusive PSN content. When everyone else is fighting over big retail releases, a few developers are concentrating on creating some cool, esoteric PSN only stuff that you’ll never see on the 360. Naturally we’d include the likes of our mate Dylan Cuthbert and his PixelJunk range in that small group too, but there are others.

Anyway, this is all about Creat, and we can now confirm that all three of their PSN games will be getting new expansions, starting with Magic Ball, next week. Magic Ball’s 25 brand new levels will be witch themed, and come complete with new Trophies, but fans of Cuboid can look forward to a massive 33 new levels when that expansion arrives a little later. More interestingly, though Cuboid (and later, Mahjong) will both receive level editors so gamers can create some nasty, cunning puzzles themselves and upload them to the PSN.


“Gamers are going to thoroughly enjoy the Cuboid Level Editor,” said Anatoly Tikhman, founder and CEO of TikGames. “With this new add-on, anyone can take on the role of game designer to create and share levels with the rest of the Cuboid online community. Gamers can choose to create simple yet entertaining levels, or try to build levels that will challenge even the most cunning Cuboid players.”

Again, Trophy hunters will relish the new Cuboid pack, and there’s even Trophies for creating and sharing your own puzzles, much like those in LittleBigPlanet, and there’s even a patch for Custom Music coming to the cool block brain buster in a later free update. Finally, Mahjong, which we didn’t particular like but still holds value for fans, will get another 25 new layouts (plus the aforementioned level editor) and again, some new Trophies. You can also look out for a patch enabling USB mouse support, which again will be free of charge.

All in all, some great news, and as the winners of our Easter Egg competition will have found out today, Cuboid especially is a wickedly addictive game and one that we hope the PSN users complaining about the lack of content on our Store should really be checking out.

“We are thrilled with the response that our first three PlayStation Network titles have received from both the PlayStation community and the media, and we are excited about releasing these Booster Packs to add to the great gaming experiences that so many PSN players are already enjoying,” said Vladimir Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios, Inc. “We have listened to our gamers who have repeatedly asked for more levels, level editors and new trophies, and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver on so many of their requests.”

Official confirmation: US PlayStation Blog