ThreeSpeech Say Goodbye

ThreeSpeech has posted its final blog post. “So, this is it everyone. Goodbye from Three Speech,” says the blog. “Over the years (sniff) we published over 1,500 stories, and you lot left over 35,000 comments. Thank you all for sticking with us for so long. Thanks also for all your comments (both positive and negative), questions, suggestions for stories, news tips, solicited and unsolicited articles, friendly emails, photos, videos, tattoos and cakes. ”


They’ve also revealed the URL of the European Blog, which will be There’s no specific date yet, just the same “Summer 2009”, and mistakenly suggested you check the official site for all the latest PlayStation news.  On a serious note we wish the guys behind ThreeSpeech all the best with whatever they work on next.  “Further thanks to those of you with sites of your own who linked to us and let us link to you.”  You’re welcome.