Analyst Discusses 360 Slim

Whilst we at TSA may be dreaming of the 360 Slim, one analyst has marked it out as reality. David Cole of DFC Intelligence, a firm of market researchers and analysts for the video games industry, has stated that it’s a question of “…when not if.” for the 360 slim. It’s not all good news, or even wildly outrageous claims, as he goes on to say that “…the when part is a big uncertainty.

Compared to the normal ‘facts’ we get from industry analysts it’s nice to see someone taking a more conservative position, rather than stating that a price cut or some such nonsense is coming in a specific time frame. He does however state that forecasts made by DFC “anticipated a major redesign in 2010, so I guess that was our bet.” Given the release frame of Natal and the rumours that surround the release of the motion tracking system, it seems quite possible that a release of some form of console redesign next year. Cole suggests this himself as one possibility, although again is very careful to make no commitments.

My personal opinion on this is that a Slim version is a distinct possibility. Compared to the rumours of a more powerful variation, which to be honest seems crazy, a Slim almost seems an inevitiability. Comparing the rumours and Cole’s opinion to something more certain, for example the setting of the sun or the defeat of Brighton and Hove Albion, the Slim still seems like a distinct possibility. Certainly I’d like to see a less bulky version of the 360 and from what we’ve been hearing about reduced chip sizes and the significant changes these would make to heat distributionmake this possible.

Source: MCV