Shift: Better Damage On Xbox 360

TSA reader ghosthunter68 emailed in asking if we were going to have a look at the damage variation in Need For Speed: Shift. Seeing as how Tom (who reviewed the game) and I only have the PS3 versions, we actually had no idea the Xbox 360 version had much better damage modeling, but I’ve just belatedly seen the Youtube comparison video (below) and have to say, the difference in body deformation is massive.


Thankfully, everything else is pretty much on par so it’s hard to know whether this is a bug that can be fixed in a patch or something the developers did on purpose – it doesn’t have any negative effects on the gameplay itself, but it’s certainly a striking difference that we were both ignorant of.  True, I’m not going to be swapping out my version, but it’s worth bearing in mind for anyone yet to purchase it.  The XMB-based Friends List updates are cool, though…