Loco Roco Midnight Carnival Out Tomorrow

The EU Blog has confirmed that Loco oco Midnight Carnival, the latest LocoRoco title, will be available tomorrow, for 14.99€ / £11.99.  The game, which will feature 16 levels, 2 mini games and 3 bonus stages will also feature competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes and online leaderboards for masses of replayability.  I’m a huge fan of the LocoRoco series, so can’t wait for tomorrow’s PSN Store update.

Additionally, the in-game Bui Bui store will also feature cool little dress-up items for your LocoRoco, some of which even have special abilities, like the Saviour Mask which allows you to carry a fellow LocoRoco player over a level simply by wearing the mask.  And if you match accessories to the correct LocoRoco you get even more treats – try Voile with her chic Heart Glasses for a rather cool effect.