Left 4 Dead 2 On PS3: “It’s Not Going To”

Valve, Valve, Valve. When you just admit you’re actually a bit crap and can’t work out how to write games for the PS3. What excuse are you going to use this time?

“Right now for Left 4 Dead 2 we’re looking at PC and 360 because the community aspects really fit the game – it’s all about playing with your friends,” he said, “Right now don’t not buy it on the 360 because you think it’s coming out on the PS3 – it’s not going to. Right? It’s coming out on the PC and 360. It’s going to be exclusive for that. In hooking up with your friends and the community aspects, I think the Xbox 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3. The 360 and PC are on par, right?”


So there we go. Left 4 Dead 2 is not coming out on PS3 because we’re not friendly. We wouldn’t want to let Valve down, so will all PS3 users please face in the direction of Bellevue in the United States, the home of Valve (it’s just above Washington). Everyone ready? Right, now turn 180 degrees to face in the opposite direction and drop your trousers and moon.

The exquisitely named Randy Pitchford, President of Borderlands dev, Gearbox, has commented on Valve’s anti-Ps3 campaign,

“The PS3 is awesome. I think Valve… I don’t know why they are doing that. It’s weird, but yeah, the PlayStation platform’s really cool. It’s different to others and it’s certainly a challenge to be able to develop software for. But that’s where the fun is, right?”

“I noticed something on the net not too long ago. Doug Lombardi (Valve’s VP Marketing) had to take a swipe at the PS3 again, and I thought it was foolish. I read it the same way I read fanboys. Like there’s a guy who brought the Sony platform and he’s a Sony guy, so he decides he’s going to spend a certain percentage of his time bashing Microsoft. And there’s a guy on Microsoft doing the same thing. Those guys are childish and narrow minded, it’s the same kind of thing.”

“Valve think their own stuff is the only stuff that matters, to the point where they have their own distribution platform. It’s like, I don’t care about retail, about Marketplace, or PSN, I’m going to have Steam. It’s cool, it’s good, and they’re doing a good job but at the same time they’re reliant on the rest of the world. They had to do that deal with EA. When I see the L4D ad on the television I don’t see a Valve logo, I see an EA logo, and when I bought it, I bought it at a store.”

I don’t think any more needs to be said on the subject, do you?