Avatar, Human Or Na’Vi?

Games based on movies always suck, right? Well James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game may just be the one to change that, because rather than rushing a game’s development time in to the same development cycle of a typical movie (about eight months or so) Avatar the movie will have had over three years of tweaking and processing in the effects studios by the time its released in December and James Cameron was instrumental in wanting a developer for the game on board from day 1, meaning that this game has also been in development for the full three years.

This will hopefully mean no flawed, clichéd gameplay – although we’ll have to wait for the game’s December release to be sure but until then feast your eyes on the third developer diary in which Cameron and some of the Ubisoft guys talk about the differences in the game depending on whether you choose to play as the invading human forces of the native Na’Vi.