Bayonetta Pre-Order Editions Revealed

If you are planning on purchasing Bayonetta – SEGA’s latest female-lead slash-’em-up – and you like collecting related merchandise, then this news is for you. SEGA have revealed the UK exclusive bonuses that pre-ordering the game will net you.

Do you want a soundtrack, art book and fancy cover on your copy of Bayonetta? If the answer is “yes”, then you need to head on over to They are listing this as the ‘Climax Edition’, which they are still saying will cost £39.99


Bayonetta Play

Do you want a replica of ‘Scarborough Fair’, one of Bayonetta’s four infamous guns? Yes? Then you need to go and visit GAME. GAME don’t have a name for this and they are listing £39.99 also.

Bayonetta GAME

Finally…do you want a free DVD containing the best of women in Manga, with full episodes, trailers and exclusive clips? If so, then check out HMV. Also £39.99 and again, no fancy name.

Bayonetta HMV