Exclusive: Mushroom Wars’ Best Player Interviewed

burck7 is the PlayStation Network ID of the Mushroom Wars’ best player, and currently holds the top position in the Hard difficulty level records board. Creat, the studio behind Mushroom Wars have been in touch with TheSixthAxis to let us know that they’ve contacted burck7 directly and conducted the following interview.

If you don’t know much about PSN title Mushroom Wars check out Peter’s video review, and  if you’re a fan of Mushroom wars, or just want to hear a bit about the game’s most skiller player, read on.


Creat Studios: Could you give us some basic facts about yourself? What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?

burck7: My name is Earl Ayshford. I’m 27 from Minneapolis, MN USA

Creat Studios: What’s your favorite game genre?

burck7: RPG, Strategy

Creat Studios: Do you have any special game you like to play whenever you have free time?

burck7: Battlefield 1942

Creat Studios: What importance do trophies and contents of trophy-packs hold in a game for you?

burck7: I like them a lot. It’s fun to see what challenges the game designers come up with.

Creat Studios: What rewards do you have already? Do you have any platinum trophies? If yes, how many? What are the prizes you’re proud of most? And what is your current level?

burck7: My current level is 7. I have three platinum trophies. The trophy I’m most proud of would be my Demon Souls platinum.

Creat Studios: What usually makes you pick out a game? Is it the game story, trailer, friend’s advice, publisher’s name, price, or something else?

burck7: It’s a little of all that, but what helps me decide the most is getting my hands on a demo.

Creat Studios: Why did you choose Mushroom Wars?

burck7: It looked like a fun tower strategy game.

Creat Studios: You are not the only one who considers Mushroom Wars to be tower defense game, but they learn otherwise after a few missions.

You have left all other players far behind and are currently the leader in the Mushroom Wars Hard difficulty level board. How did you do this?

burck7: I spent a lot of time practicing the levels until I found a good strategy to win with.

Creat Studios: The game was designed so that all its levels would require an individual approach. Have you really figured out some universal strategy?

burck7: No, every level you have to play differently.

Creat Studios: Which levels were the most difficult and which levels did you like best?

burck7: Izorwood and Hothor gave me the most trouble to beat. The final battle is my favorite map to play.

Creat Studios: Is there anything you’d like to change (add/remove) in the game?

burck7: I would like to see online multiplayer and more maps for multiplayer.

Creat Studios: How many times did you generally have to replay a level to achieve the desired result?

burck7: It really varies from level to level. Some only a few tries and others I spent hours on.

Creat Studios: What tactics you would advise to those who are just starting Mushroom Wars?

burck7: Try to attack from multiple bases so your soldiers reach their destination at the same time.

Creat Studios: That’s good advice! If several surges of your troops enter the opponent’s building at once, your attacking strength grows sufficiently!

Have you played any other Creat Studios titles?

burck7: This is the first game I played by Creat Studios.

As a special treat for being so good at the game and taking the time out to answer questions, Creat presented him with copies of three other Creat games – Smash Cars, Digger HD and Magic Ball.  See, gaming does get you things – more games.  Mushroom Wars is available now on the PlayStation Store.