PSP Minis Blast Off Soundtrack Released For Free

Halfbrick’s Blast Off is probably the most addictive Minis title currently available – for £2.49 it comes with stacks of levels, a wickedly nasty high score challenge and plenty of tense moments.  It also has a nifty little soundtrack, which the developers are now giving away free as either an MP3 (torrent) or Apple Lossless (torrent).  Halfbrick have also posted a video up on YouTube showing how to get Blast Off onto your PS3 regardless of whether you own a PSP or not, so there’s no excuse.

Sadly, doing so means that there’s the usual YouTube commenters to avoid (“dude there isnt a single free (minis) game why do you bother posting this?”) so we’ve embedded the video above.  Seriously, Blast Off is utterly brilliant and cheap as chips.  Do it, there’s a Challenge TSA coming up very soon…