UK Videogames Revenue 70% Higher Than UK Box Office

Towards the end of last year we brought you a couple of posts regarding the UK Government’s stance on the country’s videogame industry; if you need to catch up on the story you can read said posts here and here. Now, thanks to GfK Chart Track, it has been revealed that the UK Videogame Industry has reason to be angry at the Government.

The revenue from videogames was over 70% higher than that from the UK Box Office. The gaming world generated revenues of £1.73 billion whilst the UK Box Office’s revenues rested at the £1 billion mark, according to the UK Film Council.

The margin between the two industries narrowed when sales of DVD and Blu-Ray discs were added to the mix; these boosted the film industry’s revenue up to £1.2 billion, meaning that the games industry still outperformed it by a massive 44%.

There is now only one other type of media that outsells videogames in the UK – Television. But television’s revenue figures include the license fee, satellite subscriptions and the sales of DVD box sets.

It’s going to be interesting, after figures like that, to see just how long this country’s government can ignore such a massive industry; an industry that is obviously attracting people to spend money, even in economic difficulty.