World Of Outlaw: Sprint Edition

I’m going to admit to be being culturally lacking as I have no idea what “World Of Outlaws” is, let alone a “Sprint Edition.” It appears to be some sort of racing league (possibly from Australia) with souped up dune buggies that all have massive spoilers attached so they resemble large slices of cheesecake. The only reason I can think for these oversized spoilers is scoop any wayward kangeroos from the track as you race round, I may be wrong but that seems the most obvious reason.

Developers ‘Big Ant‘ are bringing World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars 2009 to PS3 and Xbox and will feature twelve ‘popular’ dirt tracks, including Knoxville Raceway and Eldora Speedway. In addition to this, there will be five specially constructed arenas created exclusively for the multiplayer matches which will be either two player split screen and up to eight players online. I would be generous and say the screenshots are obviously from a pre-production version but as the game is to be published by THQ on PSN and XBLA on 16th February… well, make your own minds up, curves seem to be a rare commodity in Australia.


A video of the game can be downloaded here as well as few more screenshots.