The Last Remnant Getting The Star Ocean Treatment On PS3?

Originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, The Last Remnant was eventually earmarked for a PS3 appearance a year after its initial outing on Microsoft’s console. And then we heard nothing. If rumour and speculation are to be believed, however, the PS3 verison of The Last Remnant was quietly shelved by Square Enix, the cost of completing the port plausibly deemed too expensive for the return on a game that – on the 360 at least – didn’t resonate with the masses as much as expected.

PS3 fans have held out in hope, though; clutching on to the slimmest of chances that the JRPG still might make an appearance on their console of choice. And if Amazon Japan’s recent listing is anything to go by, that wish might be about to be fulfilled.


But it’s merely a product listing, and we’ve learnt from situations in the past that, just because a game is listed as becoming available for a certain platform, that’s not in anyway concrete confirmation that the title actually exists.

If true, the intriguing aspect of Amazon’s listing is that, just after the title’s name (Lasuto Remunanto), the words “kari shou” appear. Directly translated from Japanese to mean “temporary title”, we can only speculate that The Last Remnant on the PS3 is about to get a console-specific sub-title much akin to how Star Ocean received its “International” suffix. If this is the case, expect The Last Remnant to follow Star Ocean and offer everything the 360 version contained, plus something on the side.

We admit that such speculation is pure conjecture, but Japanese developers have already been quite outspoken about he logic behind this generation’s phenomenon of Microsoft ponying up the cash for Japanese studios to create new RPGs for the 360 console first. These timed-exclusivity deals have rarely proved bountiful for Microsoft, however, and with Sony insisting that PS3 renditions must contain something extra added to the mix, the furore expressed that Sony were losing their hold on the RPG market, seems to have proved unfounded. With signs now suggesting PS3 fans are getting more bang for their buck, perhaps Sony know exactly what they’re doing.

Source: Siliconera