Deadly Premonition Trailer Has Bleeding Trees

Deadly Premonition, the title previously known as Rainy Woods, has delivered up a new trailer and boy is it twisted. Not twisted in the heads-getting-pulled-off-and-kicked-through-a-window kind of way. More twisted in a saccharine, smile-while-you-knife-your-granny type deal. Watch as cherubic women whisper menacingly to one another as blood gushes out of a nearby tree. Now that’s twisted.

Despite being new footage, we can’t say things are looking any better for Deadly Premonition. The graphics are still shoddy, and the content remains – from what we can ascertain at least – derivative; a hodge-podge of previous survival horror games such as the Silent Hill franchise and Siren congealed into one amorphous, banal lump.


Interestingly, though the ESRB originally quoted the PS3 as one of the platforms Deadly Premonition would appear on, Sony’s console is not mentioned in the credits. We checked the ESRB again to see if the listing was something of a deadly premonition itself, and it looks like there has been a correction made, as only the 360 is now quoted. Looks like a Microsoft exclusive after all.

Deadly Premonition is being marketed as a budget horror title and will launch in Q1 2010.

Source: GamesAreEvil