The PS3’s Top 100 Games For 2010

Ten days, 100 games and many thousands of words later, the curtain finally fell on our Top 100 PS3 Games For 2010 series on the cusp of the new year, but that was over Christmas and some of you might have missed the feature. And hey, if you read it all but wanted the entire 100 all in one place and more easily accessible – this is for you too? We’re here for you, you know?

The original tenets laid out in the origianl article hold true: what follows is simply 100 PS3 games to keep an eye out for over the coming twelve months spread over the next 10 pages. As you will quickly notice, numerous games are missing for various reasons, and though we toyed with the idea of publishing a supplementary series of addenda, it quickly became apparent that they themselves would run into a subsequent 100 more titles.


We also realised that mentioning all these games at the start of the year had two negative effects. 1) 2010 is a long year. By the time we get a few months in, it’s understandable to expect that this series will be long forgotten. It therefore doesn’t really serve you as a companion throughout the year. 2) By taking a snapshot now, we invariably exclude all the other games – games that would have made the list – if more information regarding them was known at the start of the year.


So, we have plans for the other hundreds of games that will surely see a release on the PS3 this year. In fact, you should see the fruits of this labour toward the end of this month. What follows is a tweaked version of the original ten articles in one bumper edition.  This article is on multiple pages – use the little links just below to browse.

Click the links below to begin. And enjoy!

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