Q Entertainment Entertain Rez On PS3

Yes, the best shooter ever made (as voted by me) might be winging its way over to the PS3’s PSN, if a recent set of Tweets from Q Entertainment come to fruition.  Rez is an epic music-synced blaster that first saw light of day on the Dreamcast before getting ports to the PS2 and Xbox Live Arcade, where is was remade in HD and is still one of the best games on the service.

“What would a game like Rez HD sell for on PSN? $15?” went the Tweets. “This is no indication that it’s happening, but we’re researching if it’s feasible.”  Whilst $15 is roughly 150% the price of the XBLA version, it’s obvious from following Tweets that it would need to be priced at that higher rate to make a profit.  “After Sega’s cut etc. we’d have to sell a lot of copies to even break even, and we could always drop a price, but never raise it.”


“If we did it [at $9.99],” the spokesperson Q continued, “it would not be a huge profit most likely and unfortunately we’re not big enough to do things for fun. We dont wanna rip anyone off but we also don’t wanna go bankrupt trying to appease the fanbase you know?”  To be honest, after buying three versions of the game now, it would take something special for me to buy it again on the PS3.  Something like uncompressed audio, for example, might just swing it.

And that would be $15 well spent.

Thanks, PSNStores.