LittleBigPlanet PSP Gets Create Patch

We loved LittleBigPlanet PSP, but it needed a bit of post-release attention to iron out the creases.

There’s already been one patch but today the handheld version of one of Sony’s flagship brands will get a considerably more impressive update.


Community Features

  • It is now possible to scroll through the downloaded levels list immediately after completing the playthrough of a downloaded level. A change well worth making. So we did!
  • Search types have been improved, and more levels can be seen on each page on the community moon.
  • Pressing the triangle button at the Community Moon menu will refresh the community data for all of your downloaded levels. If you want to upload the full set of all your high scores and download everybody else’s then this is the place to do it.


  • A copy and paste function has been added to the editor, which can be accessed after selecting an object and opening the tweak option. Which is nice.
  • Shapes can be scaled and rotated before placing them.
  • MyObjects and object-based gadgets can be rotated before placing them.
  • Items held together by gadgets can be scaled.
  • Gadgets such as pistons, rods, etc. can have their positions edited after being placed
  • The drag selection mechanism has been improved so that it will only select objects if they are entirely surrounded.
  • Gluing supports user directed input. Side to side gluing is now allowed in preference over gluing backwards, which was the default.
  • Sound objects are now labelled in the tweak menu for reference, once they’ve been placed in a level.
  • The option to disable the undo/redo feature has been added to the menu – very useful if you want to avoid pause times on large levels, and handle everything through manual saves instead.

Editor Functionality

  • When switching to and from create mode, materials and gadgets will not drift when repeatedly selected.
  • Dynamic objects joined to static objects by dissolve material will separate and move once the dissolve material has been destroyed.
  • Detaching glued objects correctly remembers the original static or dynamic nature of the individual glued objects.
  • A material’s rotation will not drift between saves.
  • Stickers applied to an emitted object stay attached to the object if the emitter itself is moved.
  • Creatures only jump if Sackboy is nearby.
  • Sensor switches and buttons save their initial states properly.
  • Deleting a switch will not delete the object it was glued to.
  • When a material is changed to peach floaty it will become buoyant.
  • Pistons connected to an inverted switch trigger correctly on level load.
  • Magic mouths with no text have the speech bubble disabled in play mode.
  • Wobble bolts’ angle and flipper properties save correctly in Create Mode.
  • Scoreboards only check above the base for Sackboy’s presence, previously it was possible to trigger them from below.

My Objects

  • You can capture MyObjects within MyObjects. Oh yes.
  • Emitters, scoreboards, prize bubbles can be captured as part of MyObjects.
  • You can attach gadgets to Collected Objects and MyObjects.
  • The bolt stability in MyObjects has been improved.
  • You can change material classes, including the lethality of MyObjects.
  • We have improved the capture capacity for MyObjects to allow for larger, more complex items to be captured.

Corner Editing

  • This update features improved corner editing of glued objects. Previously, editing could be blocked if corners were on the glued edge of an object.
  • Corner editing an object with gadgets attached doesn’t cause them to detach.
  • Corner editing checks all planes (not just the foremost one) for collisions.
  • Stickers do not disappear when corner editing.
  • The game autosaves after a corner editing session.
  • It was possible to make an object invisible by using the corner edit tool, this has been blocked.

Play Mode

  • Sackboy doesn’t get stuck on edges when he should fall to the floor.
  • The ‘return to main menu’ and ‘continue’ options work whilst the scoreboard is active.


  • Last, but not least: Numerous stability issues have also been addressed.

Impressive indeed.  To update, just hover over the icon for the game in your XMB, press Triangle, and select Update, assuming you’re near a Wifi signal, of course.  Or you’ve got a Go and you’re near your phone.  Ah, the joys of tethering.