Sony Patent Universal Controller

A patent filed by Sony today appears to suggest Sony are working on a Universal Game Controller. “A universal game console controller that has an LCD presenting, depending on what type of game console a user has input, a controller key layout for a first type of game console or a controller key layout for a second type of game console,” says the patent.

We’ve seen keyboards for PCs that do a similar thing, but this is entirely LCD and thus the buttons available can change completely depending on what the game is.  The internet is currently wild with speculation on what this might be for, including some interesting ideas about the controller being used for Xbox 360 and Wii systems.


Here at TSA we like to think we’re a little more reserved, and whilst there’s currently nothing to suggest that you’ll be controlling the Master Chief with a Sony branded controller any time soon, there is mention of Xbox (and Nintendo) on the images in the patent, and there’s clear reference to X, Y, A, and B buttons in addition to the PlayStation ones.

The controller also appears to have a micro processor inside it, along with some storage.  Kinda looks a little bit like a PSP, but with the option to control other devices.  We’ve fired off an email to Sony in a fairly desperate attempt to garner more information but all we can say is that we’ll be watching this one very closely indeed.

Thanks, jimmy-google.