Yakuza 3 Loses “Hostess Club” Section

Despite having to wait over a year for Yakuza 3 to hit Western shores, rumours abound this morning that our version will actually see some content cut as opposed to added in to make up for the delay.

Toshihiro Nagoshi’s work on modelling interiors of so-called ‘Hostess Clubs’ may well be lost when the game hits our shelves – and that might not be it.  Apparently Shogi and Majhong will see the axe, too.

This is based purely on missing Trophies from the list we have and the requirements for other Trophies being simplified, leading to speculation that the said segments have been stripped from the game.

All the above make sense on the cutting room floor – sexuality and tricky-to-understand Japanese games I can deal with, as long as the remainder of the game stays intact.

At least it’ll be easier to get the Platinum now.