Ubisoft’s Pure Football Trailer

Right at the end of January when we were looking for some spare change down the back of the sofa, we uncovered news that Ubisoft were working on a new football title. Rather surprisingly we don’t have too long to wait until we can get our hands on a much needed third entrant to compete with FIFA and PES. ‘Pure Football’ as it’s too be called seems to put the emphasis on tough and hitting the pitch, which gives the impression it may be more of an arcade style title than the simulation models of both FIFA and PES.

The announcement trailer below shows Steven Gerrard, actually scoring although that is probably explained by him looking strangely young, the title will be landing on store’s shelves in May, presumably hoping to catch the public’s imagination in time for June’s World Cup and will include 230 footballers, 17 international teams, and 17 “legendary players,” as well as an shoulder camera which will put you in the heart of the game and will “dynamically reacts to the context of the match”, says Ubisoft.


Via: TheLostGamer.