Advance! Protect! Fight!

Riz’s game stands convention on its head, your PSP on its end. If this currently Japan-only title makes its way over to our shores you will want to try to find a comfortable way to hold your PSP vertically.

Advance! Protect! Fight! is a light-weight resource-management strategy game.  Presented with enemies to fight and protect your end of the screen from, you use your resources to construct a variety of units to advance up the screen and destroy them.  You gather more resources by collecting the debris from the battlefield.  Simplez.


Nothing too surprising so far, but the literal twist to the game play is that it is designed to be played while you hold your PSP vertically with the d-pad end down.  The analogue stick and right shoulder button are used as you point’n’click the on-screen cursor.

You can utilise up to eighty ships at once (resources allowing) across two game play modes, Arcade and War.  Its Arcade mode consists of 26 levels, grouped into five levels of difficulty, unlocked progressively and once completed makes the War mode available.

The downloadable title is released in Japan in April for just ¥500, which at roughly £3.75 puts it firmly into PSP Mini territory though there is no indication that this is a Mini or that it will ever reach us here in the UK at the moment.  There have been some great little games arriving on the PSP lately and I am hoping this one catches an international flight before too long.