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Trinity Universe Set For June

NIS have announced that their new RPG mash-up, Trinity Universe, will be available in Europe this June exclusively on the PS3. Like a rock super-group, the new turn-based, crazy-hair adventure is a collaboration between RPG luminaries Gust Corporation and Nippon Ichi Software. Expect cross-over high jinks with characters from both the Atelier Viorate and Disgaea series coming together in humongous-eyed harmony.

How big are these eyes we’re talking about? Well …

… pretty darn big.

The game represents the first time Atelier Viorate and Disgaea characters will be rendered with full 3D character models. Finally, the bad guy of the piece is a “devil dog” called “Kanata.” Kanata translates as “the other side” in Japanese, so expect some spookiness in June.

Source: Press Release

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