No 3D Movie Playback In 3D Firmware

The upcoming ‘3D’ update for everyone’s favourite toaster will contain the code that will allow for 3D gaming – but if the Home Cinema Choice website is to be believed, not 3D movies. The movie update will follow later in the year.

Confusingly, Sony has announced their first 3D Blu-ray release as ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ which will be released in Europe this June. The ‘gaming 3D’ update is scheduled for June which means if the ‘movie 3D’ update follows later you will be able to buy a Sony 3D TV, a Sony 3D Blu-ray but nothing to play it on as your Sony Playstation does not have correct firmware update.


Let’s try and save everyone a bit of time a frustration, take it as red that the comments section is packed full of “OMG Sony you’re crap” “Epic Fail!” “Sony, sort it now”, “Another balls up for Playstation” and “Delays!!”. We know it’s another mess up, moaning won’t help. Why not discuss what you’re going to have for lunch today instead. I’m going ‘Nobu’ for some bloody gorgeous bento, what are you having?

Update: Confirmed by Sony, 3D movies ‘Later in the year” for PS3. Thanks Jas-n.

Source: HomeCinemaChoice