Sony “More Reputable Than Microsoft”

According to the wonderfully aptly monikered Reputation Institute (PR), the Sony brand is more reputable than Apple, Microsoft and, er, L’Oreal, but not as much as Google, who top the charts in one of the largest but ultimately interesting consumer polls I’ve come across.  Makes for interesting reading if you’re the sort of person that digs looking at charts, especially ones with Sony and Microsoft in.

“The study provides a first ever assessment of the global reputation landscape,” says the press release issued overnight, “the companies that are most liked, trusted, and respected by the general public across 24 countries.”  Survey Sampling International are behind the data collection, apparently.


How did it all happen?  Well, in January this year Reputation Institute measured the reputations of the world’s 600 largest companies in their home countries, and the highest in each of 32 countries were selected as candidates for a second study. The outcome of the second study was a final roster of 28 global brands that are “well regarded at home but that have also successfully exported their reputations around the world.”

So where’s the charting goodness?  Right here – these are the world’s 28 most reputable companies:

Rank Company (Home Country) Global Reputation Pulse
1 Google (US) 78.62
2 Sony (Japan) 78.47
3 The Walt Disney Company (US) 77.97
4 BMW (Germany) 77.77
5 Daimler/Mercedes-Benz (Germany) 76.83
6 Apple (US) 76.29
7 Nokia (Finland) 76.00
8 IKEA (Sweden) 75.60
9 Volkswagen (Germany) 75.55
10 Intel (US) 75.39
11 Microsoft (US) 74.47
12 Johnson & Johnson (US) 74.12
13 Panasonic (Japan) 73.67
14 Singapore Airlines (Singapore) 73.54
15 Philips Electronics (The Netherlands) 73.31
16 L’Oreal (France) 73.17
17 IBM (US) 73.03
18 Hewlett-Packard (US) 72.67
19 Barilla (Italy) 72.45
20 Nestle (Switzerland) 72.37
21 Ferrero (Italy) 72.36
22 Samsung Electronics (Korea) 71.62
23 FedEx (US) 70.84
24 Honda Motor (Japan) 70.82
25 The Coca-Cola Company (US) 70.40
26 Carlsberg (Denmark) 70.31
27 Procter & Gamble (US) 70.21
28 UPS (US) 70.07

The selection process is rather elaborate (consisting of over 180,000 ratings in total) and well outwith the scope of a 6am news story, but feel free to have a full read as it breaks down the whole thing into how it was done and which territories voted where.  It’s interesting on the subject of Sony, for example, to learn that the brand was only voted 4th in its Asian home, but first in Europe and second in the US.