Lunchtime Discussion: Favourites

I’m hugely, terribly indecisive. It can take me ten or twenty minutes to decide I want the same thing I always order at a restaurant, and picking a favourite anything is just out of the question. My favourite food is pizza… or Chinese… or a steak… or a sandwich from my favourite pub with some cheesy chips. I honestly couldn’t pick between any of them if you handed me a bunch of take-out menus and gave me £20.

However, last night I picked a new favourite film. I went and saw The Social Network and it was simply amazing. Not only did it draw me in and educated me about the history of Facebook, but it inspired me to sit down and actually make something new. Of course my favourite film before that was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which was literally the last film I saw before The Social Network.

The thing is both of those films are films I’ve seen very recently, and only seen each one once. Can I really say my favourite film is The Social Network after watching it only once, and watching it so recently? Even with a little distance I’m not sure you can really call something your favourite. I’ve only played Batman: Arkham Asylum once, but it was about a year ago.


It’s the same as people naming a title Game of the Year a week after it’s released. It frankly seems a little bizarre to me to give a game an accolade like that so soon after it’s released, and whilst I did love The Social Network I actually slightly dislike myself for calling the film my favourite so soon. Maybe once it’s out on DVD and I’ve watched it ten or fifteen times I can decide that, but right now it’s not something I really feel confident saying.

What do you think? Can you think something’s your favourite after only seeing or playing it once? Do you really need distance from it? Or is it like love at first sight, do you just know sometimes?



  1. The clue for me is in my name. Have loved the GT series since the first one. Basically its the main game I play until the next one in the series comes out!

    As well as that have owned pretty much all F1 games since Grand Prix on the Amiga, love them too.

    • Same here. I know some felt that 4 wasn’t as good as 3 but I have genuinely found each GT to be better than the last. I am so excited for 5 that I might actually do a poo when it finally arrives

  2. I have a lot of of fond memories for games on ps1 (driver, spyro, silent bomber, tomb raider) but whenever I decide to have a go on them again I seem to turn it off after ten minutes (bar MGS1). Think one of my all time favourites was MGS2, as I remember playing it over and over and over for about a year. I could practically mime it the whole way through, and that is a LOT of cut scenes!

  3. I’d probably say that red dead redemption is my favourite game, but whilst being recent I think it’s a valid favourite and will be from some time, since my previous favourite game was red dead revolver

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