Lunchtime Discussion: DLC Pricing

Remember when if you wanted extra content for a game you went and bought an expansion? I distinctly remember the excitement I felt when I finally managed to track down a bundle of the Total Annihilation expansions and installing them onto my computer for a few extra missions. I also have very fond memories of swapping out the disk on my treasured PlayStation so I could wreak havoc over the streets of London in GTA: London (yes, yes I was far too young to be playing it, my parents pretty much ignored age ratings).

Now things are much simpler of course. No spending hours tracking down expansion packs or swapping out disks to get your hands on a new city, you just jump onto the store of your choice and grab whatever new content you want in the form of DLC. Pft, young people these days, you don’t know how good you’ve got it.

Of course the biggest issue with DLC seems to be how much it’s worth. Is it worth less if it’s just an unlock code on the disk, even if producing that extra content was budgeted for as premium content? That’s what does seem to be forgotten about unlock codes for disk based content, it may have been produced at the same time as the rest of the content, but the development hours were paid for by expected sales of DLC.


I don’t think I’ve ever actually purchased a single item of DLC, so it’s hard for me to gauge how much we should be paying for things. What does seem a little weird is the amount of content you can get at a fixed price, say £7.99, varies so much game to game. Some games will give you just a few more characters for that, others will give you new maps or missions.

How much should we be paying though? Is a new character worth more or less than a new car or a new map? Is everything priced too high at the moment?



  1. whats more is games like medal of honour seem to have a short list of maps unless you buy the pack, which is a blatant disgrace

  2. Assassin’s Creed 2 was a good example of fairly priced DLC, or at least WOULD BE if not for the fact the DLC was literally levels that seemed to have been stripped out of the game at the last second…

  3. if the game was a high price and is released annually, hence FIFA, then dlc should be free (ultimate team) a map pack should only be a couple of pounds in my opinion.
    It is abused, yes, just look at the fury add on for wipeout hd, £7.99 for a new campaign, new game modes, almost completely new game.
    then MW2 map packs come along at over £10….. rip off.

  4. My main gripe is that the DLC never seems to go down in price or become bundled. Examples for me being Awakenings, which is still priced at £32 on the PSN yet much cheaper for the 360 & PC despite the GOTY being only £30, which includes that and all the other DLC. Another example would be Borderlands, which is still separate and over priced when compared with the GOTY.

    My point is when will developers learn to drop the price on bundles or old games?

    Burnout paradise was a great example of this, I hadn’t bought the game or DLC but when I saw the pack online at a massive discount I went and bought it. Everyone’s a winner surely? The developer’s have already re-couped their losses and got a new customer out of me. Whereas EA have lost a customer as I refuse to buy Awakenings until it gets a price drop and I won’t be buying DA2 at all but will wait for the GOTY.

  5. I think it completely depends on how much u play the game to what you’re willing to pay. WipOut HD add on Fury was almost the price I paid for the full game but I got it because I played it so much. However I didn’t get MW2 map packs because although I spent some time playing it I didn’t sink hours and hours into it which I’m guessing the many people that bought it did. Criterion had a good way of doing it with Burnout Paradise as it made it worth purchasing the new packs because they released so much free dlc beforehand.

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