TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #81 Alive And Undead

As an independent site, we’re always on the look out for indie games we can throw our support behind. Sure, we love the big franchises just as much as the next site, but if we can bring smaller, often personal projects that often struggle to get made to a wider audience – all the better.

Swedish studio Shortfuse Games, developer of Xbox LIVE title Colosseum, have been squirrelling away on future titles with the hope of attracting the eye of a publisher to help them bring their particular brand of awesomeness to fruition.


One such title is Alive and Undead. Also known as Hail to the King: Alive and Undead (we think, it’s not entirely clear from their website), the PS3 and Xbox 360 title sees protagonist Mr. Smith, a vampiric Elvis impersonator, and Welson, a temptress Van Helsing type sidekick who likes to put witches back in their place (i.e. the ground), set out to avenge the slaughter of Smith’s family and cure him of his undead curse.

It’s a side-scroller, with enemy juggling and violent co-op moves set to keep those of us old enough to remember Final Fight and Double Dragon ecstatic long into the night.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect Alive and Undead to make this list (I have a sneaky suspicion some of the staff here at TSA saw the word “Undead” and gave it a higher than expected mark just for the hell of it), and it should be noted that the game is not finished by a long shot; the studio actively looking for support to get it over the line.

Here’s an idea of what’s in store. Thankyouverymuch.



  1. Groovy – Should have got Bruce Campbell to appear as Elvis in this. Hope they do manage to get it over the line.

  2. #82 is…Diablo 3!
    And, for #81… Alive and Undead!

    I’m not getting either of these games, but that’s just plain weird in my opinion.

    • I’m agreed here, weird…
      Still, if it turns out to be a good game I’ll soon forget it :)

    • I mentioned on the Diablo post that opinion among the team was split down the middle for that particular title. It’s probably due to two reasons.

      1) Some of the team are young enough to have never played Diablo and hence have little interest in part III.

      2) Though Diablo did get a console release, it’s regarded mainly as a PC title, and a lot of the gang here are console only gamers and hence will gravitate toward titles they’ll actually have a chance of playing.

      Hope that explains things, at least a little.

      • Also, giving a score out of ten to hundreds and hundreds of games means you’re going to get very slight variations making up different chart positions. It all comes down to a snap judgement and what is in your head around the time you’re filling the form.

      • You also need to remember what the list is based on. It’s not a list of what we think will be the 100 best games next year, it’s the 100 we most want to play.

        Fifa was very low but I would expect almost all of us will play it, it’s just not that exciting. There will always be a few games that appear in “odd” places but the quality in the list is excellent (I’ll certainly want to get at least 50% of them).

  3. Bags of style. Good luck to them. Love the take-down at the end.

    • Yeah I agree, really nice style. Also liked the tag line and accompanying sound effects at the end!

  4. Damn, just when i think i have enough side scrolling beat’em-ups along comes a better looking one.

  5. If it has Elvis Songs throughout the game im sold

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