TSA F1 Championship: Round 7 Results

For week 7 in the championship, we brought F1 home to Silverstone, England. A very demanding track that saw many a racer make plenty of mistakes, but who came out on top?

For the overall standings, you’ll want to be heading to the F1 Championship thread in the forums. This week’s results follow below:

Championship A

A fairly crazy first trip through the snaking curves of Maggotts and Becketts had plenty drivers flying off the track as they go it a bit wrong, but James (in for Daywalker) made no mistakes and kept out in front from his start on pole position. Manorhowze had lost positions to both Matty and Spoof through the first sector, with Camdaz right behind them. Though, Teflon ran deep into Camdaz at the Vale chicane (giving the place back and sticking himself down in 10th!), before the battle between Spoofer and Matty ended in a collision through the new complex, letting the field breeze past them.

At the end of lap 2, Beelzie span out from 2nd place and rolled backwards into Manorhowze dropping both of them down the field, letting James get even further off into the distance, as the first set of pit stops was fast approaching. Manor was trying to claw his way back up the field when Teflon pitted right in front of him, literally as close as the two could get, but Teflon got the lucky break and came back out ahead despite needing a new front wing. Not that it did him any good, that same lap he made some mistakes and Manorhowze breezed past and started to chase down Heedbaw and in turn Spoofer.

Meanwhile, James had pitted from the lead, which let Camdaz keep it warm for him as he, SpikeyMikey and Matty were on a long strategy. As soon as Camdaz needed to pit though, James was close enough to reclaim the spot and hold out for the win with Camdaz not far behind and Beelzie in 3rd.


  1. Daywalker – 25 (James_m2603 racing)
  2. Camdaz – 18
  3. Beelzie14 – 15
  4. Spooferbarnabas – 12
  5. Manorhowze – 10
  6. Heedbaw – 8
  7. Teflon – 6
  8. Matty – 4
  9. SpikeyMikey23 – 2
  10. Gazo69 – 1
  11. Reck46 – 0 (DNQ)
  12. Aerobes – 0 (DNS)

Championship B

Two reserves were in this week with Baxteros covering for Michi and TheCardinal covering for Gernboes. Qualifying was initially extremely wet, but this was short lived as it wasn’t too long before Ashgraham disconnected. Everyone agreed to a restart which gave us a dry qualifying session which most the drivers seemed to prefer. Towards the end of the qualifying session Freezebug also lost connection but by this time it was too late to restart the race and he had to sit this one out. Ash came poll with a brilliant 1:31.390, with JamboGT coming 2nd with a 1:32.196 and Baxteros in 3rd with a 1:32.553.

So onto the race. Ash, who had a poor first sector, was overtaken on the first lap by Jambo. A tight battle was fought between them with only a couple of seconds in it right up until the pits. In the middle of the pack, AG was squeezed with cars on either side of him causing a bit of a sandwich he unfortunately knocked into Yersal causing them both to spin.

Further into the race positions were being fought between Yersal and TheCardinal, while Jambo was steadily extending his lead between him and Ash now they were on primes. AG was eyeing up 7th place with just a couple of laps to go but when it came to making the move, he lost control of the car and spun out which caused Duncanuaz to crash into him as he was spread across the road. AG lost his front wing and limped for the next few laps.

On the last lap Ro6afc11 was having trouble getting past an aggressive Djkaty, which left a small opportunity for TheCardinal to overtake only for it to go wrong and both Ro6 and TheCardinal span out with Yersal getting the jump on them and taking 4th place while TheCardinal recovered quicker and took 5th leaving poor Ro6 with 6th.


  1. JambobGT – 25
  2. AshGraham99 – 18
  3. Michi – 15 (Baxteros racing)
  4. Yersal – 12
  5. Gernboes – 10 (TheCardinal racing)
  6. Ro6afc11 – 8
  7. Josh653 – 6
  8. CubsMug – 4
  9. Duncanuaz – 2
  10. AG2297 – 1
  11. DJKaty – 0
  12. Freezebug – 0 (DNQ)

Championship C

Championship leader Baxteros qualified on pole position with SuperJag in 2nd place, half a second off Bax’s pace. It was a generally clean start to the race with Icuyesido overtaking Colin on the exit of turn 1, only to drop the place back at Stowe. Squalje spun through Vale and got run into by Colin, who then took a hit from behind from Icuyesido, leaving him in last place. At the front the order remained the same until the end of lap 2 when SuperJag ran wide and spun at the final hairpin, allowing THL through into second.

LFC-Gaz got off to a good start, moving up to 5th place but made couple of mistakes, putting him down to 11th. He did manage to climb up to 9th at the first round of pit stops, staying there until end of the race. Most drivers started on the option tyres so pitted early in the race. Baxteros managed to come out of his stop in from of Colin, who was on a longer strategy, but THL and SuperJag weren’t so lucky. Bax pulled out a lead while THL and Colin battled for the next few laps, trading places several times before Tom finally got clear. On lap 6 SuperJag nailed Colin at the end of the Hanger straight and proceeded to close in on Tom and was all but guaranteed 3rd place due to Tonyyeb picking up a 10 second penalty after an incident with Icuyesido.

On lap 9 Colin came out of the pits close behind Icuyesido in 6th place and the two battled for the rest of the lap with Colin coming out on top in 5th. It ended very close at the top with Baxteros taking the win by 3.4 seconds over THL and SuperJag only another half a second behind. Congrats to Baxteros on a nice performance and victory.

  1. Baxteros – 25
  2. THLSixthAxis – 18
  3. SuperJag86 – 15
  4. Tonyyeb – 12
  5. Colinbarr66 – 10
  6. Icuyesido – 8
  7. Squalje – 6
  8. Baconsarnie – 4
  9. Lfc-Gaz – 2
  10. Wick15 – 1 (Freezebug racing)
  11. Sympozium_666 – 0 (DNF)
  12. Stingraz – 0 (DNS)

So congratulations to James, JamboGT and Baxteros for their wins. Also congratulations to Ashgraham who is the first driver to make it through to the finals and we still have three races to go! He is now fighting to stay top of his Championship as Jambo is on a role and could still come top of Championship B. The F1 Championship thread is, as mentioned above, the place to head if you want the current standings. As this season’s been progressing, the tech on hand has too, and now several racers are uploading videos of the on track antics. This week’s post-race vents of frustrations start here and continue for a few pages, whilst the repository for F1 2010 videos is here.

This week’s race was revealed as Hockenheim, Germany. Another very high speed circuit, but laps only a bit longer than a minute, and with a killer hairpin. It’ll be easy to find a few tenths with a slightly different set up, and speed down the straights will be a big factor in overtaking. Following that, we’ll already be onto out penultimate race, which will be at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. The weather will be quite likely to play a big factor in this race, where you need to have masses of speed and time your ascent up Eau Rouge to perfection to get the most out of it…

Sadly, we couldn’t cover everyone’s story in this post, so tell us, how was that Championship race for you? Reckon Germany will be kinder to you? Any predictions on the next winners? Let us know in the comments below!

Gran Turismo’s out of the bag and so is our Reasonably Priced Car competition. Of course if GT5 isn’t your thing you should still keep an eye on the Community, Competitions and Meets sections of the sidebar, as well as following @thesixthaxis and @TSACom on twitter for more community fun and news.

This post was written by AG2297, Teflon and myself.



  1. It was a pretty quiet race for me after the first lap. The only close racing I had was after my pitstop. I came out about 4 or 5 seconds behind Bealzie but caught him quickly with me being on new options and managed to pass him into Copse within a lap or two.

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