Lunchtime Discussion: Snow

Yes I am aware we already did weather. In fact most of the post is about snow, but I don’t care. It’s freezing (mostly because my jeans got wet when playing in the snow so I’m wearing a random pair of shorts) and there’s a good few inches of snow in Brighton right now, probably more by morning. With most of the country grinding to a halt, something that only the British seem to do even though it hits us most years, how could I not write about snow in games? Or snow in general in fact?

At this very second every bus service in the fair city of Brighton is suspended, and it looks like the trains are shut down as well. Essentially I’m going nowhere further than the corner shop, and even that will be viewed as a daring trek on par with an ascent of Everest. Nathan Drake never had these issues as he made his way through the snow, although I suppose it did look rather pretty. Then again it’s unlikely that Drake ever had to catch a bus in a British winter, he only had to defy death, a trivial activity by comparison.

Of course Roach and Soap probably had things a bit tougher at that Russian airfield in Modern Warfare 2, although it didn’t look quite as good as Drake’s snow. I don’t suppose it matters that much when Russians are chasing you down on snowmobiles, you probably don’t notice that marks in the snow don’t hang about quite as long. With all the snow blowing in your face it’s pretty hard to notice anyway.


Where am I going with this? I’ve no idea really. How about some questions, are you enjoying the current snow? Do you have any? Is it irritating you? Do we have it tougher than Drake? Probably not in all honesty, catching a bus can be tricky but no-one is trying to kill me (most days).



  1. been snowed in for 4 days now. no work, car is stuck, no bus or trains, running out of milk and bread, village shop is empty. but gt5 is keeping my spirits high.

  2. Newcastle laughs in the face of snow!

  3. There may be no snow here in bristol yet but my student flat is freezing, so much so that I’m currently wearing gloves as I type and yesterday I could see my own breath in the bathroom

  4. got about 50 cm last week here in sweden (småland, tranås) and now its about -20 degrees Celsius almost every day…
    i could kill for some spring right now…
    the snow just makes it hard to work, and i work on roofs, slippery and ice everywhere…

  5. No snow in hertfordshire. :(

  6. I think it’s funny how the South grinds to a halt when there’s a few inches of snow while the people in the North (proper North, not Manchester/Liverpool) just get on with it even though there’s over 3 feet of the stuff.

    • It’s as simple as you guys having more snow than the South (on average) so as you move North, respective towns and cities should be better equipped to deal with harsher weather.

    • Don’t worry we think it’s funny too! Can’t believe local authorities, transport, drivers, etc.. can’t handle it even though they knew it was comming this time!

  7. Had snow for about 3weeks now :(
    1m SNOW and we will have like this to may or something…

  8. I’m reporting in from freezing norway, the temperature have been around -10 to -12, but now we have a summery -7. There hasn’t been any snowfall in a while, but the snow that fell earlier has frozen to ice, so now 80% of everything here is covered with slippery ice… fun.

  9. Was sent home from college yesterday due to the snow :)

    In a more gaming direction, I don’t think snow is portrayed very well in games. I mean, it’s not slippy enough, it’s too easy to move in it .etc.

    • a slight correction… snow is not slippery, ice is.

  10. Wish it would snow where I live..

    • Trust me, you don’t, it freezes and you have ice. You always want snow but hate it when it comes.

      • Butbutbut, it seems so fun! I at least want to experience it. Please please please snow tomorrow!

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