Christmas Discussion

That’s right people, we’re exchanging the word Lunchtime for Christmas. That’s just the kind of crazy radicals we are here at TSA, exchanging words for other words. I know it may seem like lunacy, but give it a chance. Anyway how was Christmas? Have a nice day? It’s nice of you to be revisiting us so soon after the big day (assuming you’re here on Boxing Day, if you’re not then it’s less nice).

Anyway must crack on and actually talk about something, rather than making silly comments. There may well still be silly comments to follow, mostly because TSA would probably dissolve into a biscuity mess without them, but there’s probably something more than that in here somewhere. Hopefully I’ll get to it in a minute.

Right, let’s talk about Christmas shall we? It’s a little tricky to write this, given that it’s the 23rd at the moment so I don’t actually know if my Christmas was any good. Right now I predict that I’m sitting in my Dad’s car, being given a lift from Portsmouth to Hastings due to public transport being frankly silly and not running very much. Then again I suppose everyone wants a Christmas break so I can forgive them. This time at least.


I haven’t really asked for much in the way of gaming stuff this year. I’m pretty confident I should be getting Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood from my dad, which will be nice, but I tend to ask for books and DVDs at Christmas time. As I’ve started to get slightly more mature (or at least I like to pretend that sometimes) I do ask for practical things on occasion. On the other hand I would quite like some dinosaur toys this year, so it’s obvious I haven’t completely grown up yet.

Anyway lets be having you then. How was your day? Did you spend it with family, friends, or by yourself? Did you enjoy yourself? Get anything good? Just let it all out.

Oh and Happy Christmas!



  1. I don’t like x-mass, but have to put on the happy face for the little one, who goes a bit mad for x-mass. Spent most of my time building toys for him that he got board with after 5 mins and pestered me to build the next thing. Got to play with loads of lego though so that was cool.

  2. Mine was the best year yet, gaming wise. I got Blops, GOW, a £20 PSN card and a £40 Game voucher. Add that to the stuff I got for myself, (ok, I was gonna do it earlier, but got delayed by snow) which was GT5 and a hard drive upgrade.

  3. Honestly can’t believe I didn’t get any pigs in blankets! My uncle needs to sort it out for next year or else I am taking my own there ha!

  4. Anything that isn’t work is good, for me anyway. The family have all had the flu but it’s let up over the last couple of days which has made everything the better. I’ve managed to brush my teeth on Heavy Rain and thats as much as I’ve been allowed to do gaming wise. Various vintage comedy DVDs, Porridge etc, so no complaints really.

  5. Family Christmas for me. Spent loads of time on AC: Brotherhood which was under the tree for me.

  6. Had an awesome day; absolutely love Christmas.

    Did all the usual family rounds, got Toy Story 3, Natures Great Events, Predators, Madascar Coll and Shrek Coll on Blu-Ray, ahell of a lot of sweets, a Zippo handwarmer, Naruto Shippuuden UNS 2, an Aerobie Sprint, some amazing vintage port and a Gorilla Pod for the new DSLR I treated myself to for christmas.

    I’m blessed to have so much family around this time of year and try to make the most of it… I’m off to Bruges tomorrow! XD

  7. When were the TSA Forums replaced with the front page?
    Surely this blatant forum topic isn’t what TSA, a news site, is passing as news now? Because it isn’t. This is a topic that should be in the forums.

    • And a Happy New Year. Keep up the good work with the TSA Points.

      • What have TSA points got to do with anything?
        I’m just pointing out that the quality of the content being put on TSA lately is frankly rubbish.
        I’m all for a community and I know TSA is one of the best gaming communities online, but talking about Christmas is a community topic and as such should be on the community message boards.
        Not on the front page of a gaming website. I come here to read about a new Soul Calibur anouncement, not to read about what you got for christmas.
        And no you can’t argue it’s about games because you got a few games for Christmas; from all the food I ate I got wind at Christmas but the moment an article goes up of nothing but toilet jokes the entire community will decend into a parody of EBaums world and that’s really not what we want.
        The point is TSA is a games news website, the community aspect is kept seperate in the forums and I don’t think they should be leaking onto the front page; it’s amateurish.

  8. I had a mini pie maker and guitar hero, both awesome. played GH all day yesterday and today and make turkey pies for tea :D happy days indeed!

  9. Mine was awesome, still is awesome and will be awesome for over another wel

  10. I had a great couple of days despite being at work Xmas eve night and boxing day night. Went visiting friends and family and a close friend cooked a great dinner. Present wise, I did quite well , no games but I got a fabulous “Aperture Laboratories” mug!!

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