LG File Complaint, Want PS3 Banned in US

Quoting Blu-ray patent infringements, Korean electronics company LG have filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission against Sony, requesting that the “importation and marketing of Sony’s PlayStation 3 to the United States” be outlawed.


Though specifically referencing Sony’s HD console, other Blu-ray devices are also called out in the filing. Going for the double-whammy against the Japanese electronics giant, LG have also filed a separate patent infringement complaint in relation to Sony’s Bravia TVs.

How serious is this? Could the PS3 be banned in the US? Considering Sony once filed a similar complaint against LG in relation to the Korean company’s mobile phones, similarly requesting their “banning” in the States, we’re thinking this is merely something to keep the lawyers at both companies busy until The Last Guardian releases.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz



  1. This happens hundreds of times a year. It’s pathetic posturing by the big companies. Nokia raised a case against Apple for some of the tech in the iPhone, Apple did the same to Google who tried it with Microsoft.
    It goes on all the time but nothing ever comes of it.
    Grow up LG.

  2. haha as if they think they can win!

  3. I’ll be honest, all I saw was The Last Guardian and now I can’t stop thinking about it. What was this article about again?

  4. So after what I now belive is a waste of 5 minutes, they want to Ban the PS3 from being sold just from:
    Patents ‘080 + ‘961 – linking areas and data streams.
    Patent ‘835 – managing multiple data streams.
    Patent ‘398 – text subtitle strem (lol)

    quite specific and quite sad that LG give a damn.

    They should concentrate on making better products themselves, notably in their reliability.

  5. haha what a joke, they wait 4 years to decide they want the PS3 banned!

  6. LG, grow up and fix your goddamm tea i mean phones. From what i heard. They could of done this when sony released their first Blu player to me it just seems like they want some money. I think it is one of this thing which turns out to be nothing and the company who started it will end up in detention for disturbing the class.:P

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