PS3 Import Ban Is Rather Limited

LG managed to secure an import ban against Sony on Monday which would last for just ten days and now The Guardian have discovered that the import ban is effective only in the Netherlands.

At present Sony brings the majority of the consoles in to Europe via ports in Rotterdam and Amsterdam which is why LG targeted the Netherlands for the ban. There is nothing stopping Sony from importing the consoles to Europe via France, the UK or any other country.

This might cause Sony a logistical headache and LG could easily apply for more bans in other countries but for the moment this can filed under ‘minor annoyance’ rather than the ‘ OMG! European PS3 crisis’ that many have implied.

Source: The Guardian


  1. Wow the Dutch are being targeted first. Is it strange that I suddenly feel like this small country is actually very important. Targeted first… wow

  2. I’m looking forward to finding out what exactly it’s all about and if Sony are actually guilty of stealing someone elses IP, could be very interesting if true, given that Sony have been quite vocal about the protection of their own IP. But i suppose they’ll settle out of court or sign a partnership so we might never find out the nitty gritty on it.

  3. There must be a lot of p*ssed of dutch PS3 owners whose ps3s have died right now. I just realised something if something has the intials LG then it will be crap and will copy someone else or wait for 4 years then sue.:P I hope LG can’t get every ps3 blocked and then demand that Sony shut down PSN.

    • im sure sony are working on the patent issue, new hardware would be released before they would shut PSN down. one that did not infringe on LG’s so called “patents” that the decided you know what we will wait untill now to dispute the ps3 tech.

      it wont go anywhere, sony will pay LG a royalty for every item sold that infringes LG will make allot of money out of it and then LG will continue to get somthing out of PS3, all they are doing right now is showing that they are serious about what they are doing.

      on a flip side sony and LG may settle on a patent by patent clause, after all LG infringe on many of the sony patents in allot of the phones they make

  4. I’m Dutch :P
    Why us? :( :(

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