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3DS Crashes, What’s Causing The Errors?

The launch of any new console isn’t normally without hiccups, but Nintendo machines are normally super-reliable.  So, it’s with a dash of concern that my brand new 3DS has crashed twice (both times over the weekend) with a nasty black screen, adorned with white text to the effect of “An Error Has Occurred” requiring a reset of the system, losing any progress made in whatever game was running.

Those games?  The first time was Rayman 3D, half way through The Fairy Glade, meaning I had to do the level again.  The second time was during the first world of Super Monkey Ball 3D as I went for a high score.  Totally unrelated, and absolutely isolated in dozens of hours play since launch, but annoying all the same.

A quick search on Twitter suggests I’m not alone – others have cited Rayman as the constant, a forum thread discusses issues with Monkey Ball, one person has Tweeted that their’s crashed on another game and one told me his 3DS crashed on a normal DS game.

Nintendo have already been quick with a system update that added a nice little demo video, perhaps if this is a more widespread issue then they’ll be able to roll out a fix fairly quickly to make the lovely little handheld even more appealing. As it is, I’m loving the 3DS, but these admittedly occasional crashes are just making me a bit nervous with my game saves.

Has your 3DS crashed?  If it has, let us know which game you were playing and any other variables you can think of – internet on, number of friends etc, to see if there’s a common thread that might be useful in fixing the issue.

We’ll ping Nintendo to see if they’re aware of the issue.


  1. This is exactly why you should always be cautious about buying consoles on release. I’m not really any better as I’d have done the same and gotten the console on release had I been a bigger Nintendo fan and I’m certainly not waiting after NGP’s release. Hopefully the issue is a relatively simply patchable software issue. It’d be devastating to see this bug turn out to be Nintendo’s Blue Screen of Death.

  2. Think this happened when my friend was playing Street Fighter on it, but it hasn’t happened to me yet. I’m not connected to the net btw. *touches wood*

  3. hmm thats not good, have not experienced it yet! *hopes*

  4. My missus has had the error screen once. She was playing Rayman 3D and it came up the error – just minutes after she started the game. She reloaded the game and her save and Rayman would drop from the sky and walk into the wall and would stay there. No matter what you would press he wouldn’t move. In the end she had to start a new game from scratch and it worked. A little worrying as if this happens when she gets further in then she will lose her progress.

    • Seems that two of the worst cash cow games are creating most of the errors rather than the system ^^

  5. I know this thread is pretty old, but my old 3DS gave me a similar message after I opened StreetPass Plaza It read “An error has occured.” But mine said Check the manual for more info. Next thing I know, It won’t even turn on. The blue LED came off but the screens wouldn’t come on. Luckily, It was replaced but I never knew what had really happened. Anyone know?

  6. So I bought fire emblem awakening on the eshop. I played it strait for about two days and beat the game. However whenever I beat the last lvl boss an it goes to credits it freezes in the middle.

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