PSP Stolen By Rioters To Be Replaced By SCEE

A video of injured Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq being helped to his feet by rioters, before being robbed of his possessions, has been shown all over UK news. Even Prime Minister David Cameron referenced the shocking images in a speech he made at Downing Street today.

The 20 year old, who is suffering from a broken jaw in hospital, had his PSP stolen from his backpack. A site dedicated to Ashraf Haziq has appeared asking the public to “do something nice” for him.


One of the comments to appear is from SCEE Marketing Director Alan Duncan, who said that the company wishes to donate a brand new PSP with games to the student.

With all the disturbing images of young people rioting in several cities around the UK, it gives us a warm feeling inside that the public want to help those that have become innocent victims of these horrendous crimes.

Source: Let’s do something nice for Ashraf Haziq, via VG247



  1. This is great, very nice of Sony.

  2. nice one Sony & hope the guy heals fast.

  3. I’m surprised the riots were allowed to escalate like they did, I guess human rights have something to do with it. Water-cannons and rubber-bullets should have been brought in early on to calm the mobs. Sure, the rioters have their reasons, but their behaviour is primitive and self-destructive at best. I’m also surprised that Sony pulls off such a nice and human gift shortly after having a warehouse burnt down.

    • 99% of the riots have no reason they are just their to steal and destroy stuff.

  4. Wow. Thats a pretty awful thing to do… Very nice gesture by Sony!

    The riots are getting ridiculous, an idiot with a gun gets shot so everybody needs new Tv’s? Any excuse to cause havok, dirty chavs.

  5. I was horrifed and angry when i saw the footage. It is very kind of Sony to replace the stolen PSP. I hope the thieving pos burns in hell and dies a very slow and extremely painful death whilst burning in acid. Or at least get arrested and sentence to life in prison.

  6. These people are fuc*ing a**holes. The police as usual suck. I hope that guy is caught and jailed for years.

  7. The rioters are out early, doomsday’s not until next years holiday.

  8. SCEE Marketing Director Alan Duncan…not to be confused with Tory MP Alan Duncan.

  9. Disgraceful act by those *&(*^&*(^*&. And their &)*(&( parents. I actually wonder, what will society be like in 20 years time with all these “badmen.” And its not just a minority on the news. I’m telling you if you havent seen it already, the way people in certain areas speak. Go to tottenham, its like every teen has a adopted the language of the badman. And no im not using evidence i’ve seen off the news, I live in north london, not in tottenham but I know the way these people speak. I hope that they one day grow up but i’m not sure. One can only hope.

    On a positive note, when events like these occur, the bad always brings the good out. Look at society. The main 99% of it has pulled together, people helping eachother out etc. So if your depressed about this situation, just look at the good side of it. One of those rare days the whole community comes out to clear a mess made by idiots. I know its tough, especially if you were affected, but rerember, our societies, communities will always have more good than bad. The media doesn’t show much of the good stuff. It wont show how peaceful most of the UK is. A lot of the current situation is manipulated a lot by the media.

    (sorry for any spelling errors, grammar erros etc, havent got time to check the post that im about to post, bruv, LOL.)

  10. Seriously time to use the big guns now London police!!!

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