New Skyrim Screens Show The Different Character Types

Do you feel that cat-faced human things are under-represented in the games of today? Do you think that ugly lizard things have been given a raw deal?

Well you’ll be pleased to see the new screens of Skyrim, showing off the many races on offer.


Read our impressions of Skyrim from E3 here.

Source: AusGamers



  1. awesome picture!! really love all the details on them and its going to be pure enjoyment playing this game!
    awesome too that its being released on a friday… no sleep for me that weekend! :P

    • Pictures*

      hmmm, what a pointless reply… or maybe not…
      wonder where the high elf is??

  2. If the charachters look this good, imagine what the scenery and environments are going to look like.

  3. …We are Dinosaurs now?

  4. PLAY Magazinge’s hand’s on preview has got me interested in this, think it will be a rental though, it’s slap bang in the middle of MW3 and AC:R (2 of my most anticipated titles) plus, I’m not sure if I will get bored of it quickly. I’ll probably rent it and then buy it if I like it.

  5. cant wait for this

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