Uncharted 3 Launch Trailer is Live

The release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is ridiculously close now, with only a couple of weeks to go. To celebrate, a launch trailer has been released to whet our appetites (like we needed it!).

Our review has already been done, and is currently sitting scheduled for October 24th at 5pm. You don’t want to miss this one…

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. Preordered U3 yesterday after weeks of me thinking should I, shouldn’t I, in the end how can U3 not be in my possession on release day. I am not watching this trailer though, i have been avoiding as much of the footage and trailers as possible to keep the game as much of a surprise as possible ive seen the odd thing but not a great deal i did the same thing with U2 and was stunned when i played that so the same thing again should blow me away completely.

  2. A must.

  3. fantastic. just got the multiplayer today (thanks for that once again TSA) and my god its stunning. i didn’t think it was possible to improve on the second one but i was so very wrong

  4. Brilliant vid, looks superb.

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