Treasure Hunters Close To Finding Drake’s Coffin

A brigade of archaeologists, historians, experts, and explorers are claiming to have discovered the whereabouts of Sir Francis Drake’s final fleet just off the coast of Panama. According to the team, who are being funded by former president of the Philadelphia 76ers Pat Croce, said:

We are 98 per cent sure of their veracity. The charred wood, the lead on board, the English pottery from that period. And we’re confident no crew in its right mind would have deliberately sailed there.

The fleet is believed to have carried two vessels, the 195-ton flagship Elizabeth and 50-ton Delight, both having been scuttled after a chain of defeats to the Spanish. After dying of dysentery, historians and researchers claim that Drake’s men ran the two ships aground and extracted any valuable cargo before torching them, Drake himself having been buried at sea in a lead coffin still wearing a full suit of armour as to avoid capture by the Spaniards even after death.


If true, this could be one of the most fascinating discoveries in recent years, though it would spell bad news for gaming’s lovable treasure hunter, Nathan Drake. Naughty Dog has worked meticulously to create a parallel universe riddled with conspiracies and deception in Uncharted and though the real discovery of Sir Francis wouldn’t detract from what has been one of the best gaming franchises of this generation, it will have spoilt some of the mystery.

That said, the coffin could always be empty…

Source: The Daily Telegraph



  1. Its all just a 4 century long PR stunt by ND. They’ll open the coffin and find a DLC voucher for a map pack.

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