TSA Talks #10 Guilty Pleasures

Last night Spike hosted the VGAs and although we don’t really care about who walked away with the silverware, we were at least a little interested by what we thought they’d be showing. Before the awards aired we asked our team what they’d like to see revealed in the wealth of trailers that were promised for the show. Of course I’m writing this before the awards as well so I’ve no idea what did make the cut, hopefully it was a good show [Hoping for a Jet Set Radio sequel – Ed]. 

Kris: I think what I’d love to see is the next Splinter Cell. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier isn’t far off and after seeing it twice now I am freakishly excited for it. As well as that, the concept video for the Rainbow Six: Patriots was one of the most interesting ideas I’ve seen in a while. Of course we’ll have no idea how that will translate to an actual game for some time yet, but I’m still excited for it.


I think seeing the next Splinter Cell announced could lead to three exciting Tom Clancy titles in development at the same time, which is the first time I can remember that happening. It’s great to see Ubisoft really upping their game, and although I have no special affection for those games Conviction was wonderful, and Future Solider and Patriots are really drawing me in.

Aran: Announce Half Life 3 already. Everyone knows it’s coming but confirmation would nice. Also a new Jak & Daxter, maybe God of War 4 and some more Far Cry 3 gameplay footage.

Jim: I’m probably not the only one to have noticed but 2K seems to be bringing its A-game next year. I’d love to see more XCOM and hopefully a multiplayer reveal for Bioshock Infinite. There were plenty of haters, but in my opinion Bioshock 2 was by far the best multiplayer game of 2010.

Slightly more ambitious than my other requests, I would also hope that BioWare has another teaser stashed away somewhere. Having merged with EA Mythic, BioWare now has one of the very best fantasy licenses around, Games Workshop’s Warhammer. Mythic currently have a Warhammer MOBA in beta (it’s brilliant by the way) but seeing an actual full-scale RPG set in such a rich universe would be absolutely priceless, even for someone such as myself who abandoned the tabletop hobby yearsa go.

Peter: I’d love to see a feature length CGI movie of Star Wars made by BioWare. As for game trailers, it could be nice to see a little bit more of Starhawk now it’s in beta and Borderlands 2 as well. If I was pushed for an as-yet-unannounced game I’d suggest we’re due another Syphon Filter pretty sharpish. Perhaps on the Vita?

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  1. There’s a LOTR mod for Mount & Blade?

    Goodbye social life *waves*

    • can you describe to me how Mount & Blade works ? I have seen a few videos and have been tempted but I just dont get the concept ?

      • It’s essentially an action RPG with strategic elements. You start as a lone soldier and by doing quests and killing enemy warbands you earn loot and fame. It can be tedious to begin with but it’s now probably one of my all time favourites.

      • As Jim said, Mount & Blade is a medieval combat sim about starting with next to nothing and working your way up with RPG like progression to become the badass you were always meant to be.

        Pillaging villages, capturing and defending castles and towns, training a bunch of peasantry until they progress enough to become knights… Very memorable game.

  2. Guilty pleasure for me is Alpha Protocol. Good flawed game.

  3. I agree about the HL3 reveal. I’m still bloody waiting…

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