Day One Vita Sales Figures Roll In

A smattering of sales statistics have emerged based on PlayStation Vita’s day one sales figures.

It looks like ‘select stores’ have been selling out of the Wi-Fi model, with estimated sellthrough of that particular version at around 85%.  The 3G version is currently at around 56%.


The top selling games are Everybody’s Golf 6, Uncharted and Dynasty Warriors, with the DLC-based 30fps Ridge Racer ‘uncharacteristically’ slow.  Looks like people are wise to NAMCO’s methods.

Stock of memory cards is low, with the 32GB and 16GB units sold out.  90% of Vita buyers bought a memory card.  The software tie is at 1:1.

Both Peter and I are importing Vitas, with them hopefully arriving next week along with a big pile of games.  We’ll let you know what it’s all about when they land.

Source: GAF.



  1. I really want a Vita on release day but I think February/March are gonna be expensive months even if don’t buy it. May have to wait till next summer.

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