FlatOut 3 Reviews Met With Responses From Developer

So both Eurogamer and Edge have reviewed the latest FlatOut title, scoring it (in both cases) a 1/10. Bugbear are out of the equation (having moved onto the latest Ridge Racer) so development duties fell to Dutch studio Team6.

Who aren’t handling the reviews terribly well.


Posts on the Steam forums from the studio’s Ronnie Nelis are causing a little bit of a stir today. “It is clear he copy pasted the review from other reviewers,” he says of Eurogamer’s Rich Stanton, who said that the game was “tacky and technically incompetent” with “no redeeming features whatsoever.”

“I’m calling the Eurogamer guy a liar,” continues Nelis, who says that the game has a fourth update that apparently fixes things like bloom and the overall speed. “He is playing a non-official, old version of the game.”

“It’s not what people see when they purchase the game, thus not representive,” he said.

“I have plenty of positive and happy fanmail to cheer me up again after reading this article, but what bothers me is that he is not telling the truth. Shouldn’t a reporter be fair and tell the truth?” he asks.

TheSixthAxis hasn’t played FlatOut 3 so can’t comment on the game – apparently review copies only went out to press today.



  1. Wasnt the Wii version last year awful as well? I find it hard to understand why the developer would even bother picking this up, if they are going to do such a shoddy job.

  2. Beyond the fact that the game is truly awful, and the developer clearly needs to get that Job description of ‘QA tester’ out to some recruitment agencies….does anyone else think, that if Eurogamer and Edge did away with scores no-one would give a damn about them enough to write articles about their review style, and thus they would be less important than we appear to give them credit for?

    I get feeling that both ‘publications’ like to court controversy, and often think that the idea that a game can just be a game or indeed just fun is somewhat beneath them.

  3. This is Edge we’re talking about – if the game was a Nintendo exclusive it would be a lot higher…

    • I’ve thought for a while now that Edge, while not actively ‘biased’ has always had an agenda, it seems to think itself the broadsheet gaming publication compared to the rest of the ‘tabloid’ magazines, and I get the feeling that Eurogamer is just the online equivalent of that view; hell, EG was slagging The Old Republic off for being a failure and holding on to a failing MMO approach 5 days before the games’ general release – sometimes it has great articles, and I always enjoy the Digital Foundry ones, but other times I have to take a glance at the address bar to make sure I’ve not visited the Daily Mail website by accident.

  4. Team6’s backlog strikes fear into my heart….

  5. Aww, i was kinda looking forward to this, as flatout 2 was fun in a crappy kind of way. The driving wasn’t all that, but the add on modes like darts & stuff (where you cannonballed the driver from the vehilcle to score) were inspired & kept me entertained for hours!

  6. it is a terrible glitchy mess if anything 1/10 is generous.

  7. everything i’ve seen about the game, which isn’t much admittedly, makes it sound bloody awful.

    such a shame, because the previous Flatout games were damn good fun.

    putting out a bad game is one thing, i doubt anybody sets out to make a bad game, not deliberately at least.

    but slagging off the reviewers shows a distinct lack of class.

    and sending out review copies nearly a month after release?
    they send them out after the 4th patch rather than before, or even at, launch.
    that tells me they know how shoddy the product is.

    they can hardly say there’s anything wrong with the review when Eurogamer are playing the version that was made available to the public.

    crappy studio makes crappy game sold on the strength of the name of a much better game made by a much better studio, and they get pissy when it’s gets the reviews it deserves?

    valve should take it off steam.

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