GAME Not Stocking Mass Effect 3, Other EA Titles, Mario Party 9

Eurogamer has just run with an article claiming that GAME will not be stocking any EA titles after SSX, which includes Mass Effect 3. Apparently this has been confirmed by a number of GAME stores.

There are conflicting reports as to what will happen to existing pre-orders, as Eurogamer are saying that they won’t be met (and will be refunded with store credit rather than cash) whilst a GAME employee has told StickTwiddlers that existing pre-orders will be sent out.


If true this is terrible news for GAME. We will reach out for an official comment, but as of yet both EA and GAME have said nothing.

Source: Eurogamer / StickTwiddlers

Update: Eurogamer has updated its report, saying that at the moment it’s EA’s March titles that will not be stocked. This includes GameStation, not just GAME.

EA has commented, saying:

“The Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition will now be available at the following retailers:,, and”

For customers who have pre-ordered the N7 Collector’s Edition please re-order your copies through these retailers.  If you have placed a deposit for a pre-order or are uncertain that your existing pre-order will be guaranteed, please contact your local retailer.

Your local retailer is doing everything possible to make this process as smooth as possible to ensure you get your copy on launch day.”

Update 2: Eurogamer is also reporting that the retailer will not be stocking Nintendo’s flagship Mario Party 9 title.

Update 3: Clarity on the refund issue. It’s your cash back and £5 credit by way of an apology. From what we can gather from the leaked GAME memo, it sounds like EA weren’t happy giving credit to the retailer, so GAME had to pull out of the releases. They are limited to March though, with hopefully EA games being sold after next month.



  1. whats the point of giving me store credit if the stores going go burst I cant use that store credit anywhere apart from GAME

    • This is what happened with me and Virgin Megastore – I returned a faulty CD and got a £10 store credit as they wouldn’t give me my money back. The following week I went back to spend my store credit and they said they couldn’t accept it as they were in administration.

      WARNING to everyone out there – use your store credit while you can. Do not buy from GAME. If you have a problem and need to return something (most importantly 2nd hand damaged discs) they may not take them back or honor their return policy if (or when) they go into administration.

  2. I used trade-ins and store credit to buy my Vita at Game. I know I paid a bit more for it but at least if they do go down the pan I won’t be left with a Game card with loads of money on it that I can’t spend anywhere. I do hope they get themselves back on track – I like popping in to Game when I’m in town.

  3. They’d have £200+ extra cash in their business if they didn’t have the stupid policy that my store credit can’t be used on their online marketplace. Either allow that or match your online prices in store. Pathetic fools.

  4. I just re-ordered through Shopto. Thankfully my mate (shall remain nameless) works for GAME and gave me the heads up, as I had not been checking the news today. he also confirmed it wasn’t a joke either.
    At least now I get a funky MA3 T-Shirt as well

  5. It is incredible how bad GAME have become. As Gamers we should be standing up for all retailers that supply us with our hobby with the hope it is extremely successful every year. We should be wanting stores like GAME, GAMESTATION, HMV to be hugely successful – but the majority (me included) are almost happy that GAME will go under as almost revenge for countless bad experiences. Tis a shame.

  6. I sit in an office practically opposite the giant white warehouse that Game built in Basingstoke a few years back when they moved from Bracknell, wondering who might take that on if they do fold, it’s a massive place. Wonder if Amazon need ANOTHER DC.

  7. Without taking a shot at GAME, or anyone who’d ordered with them – myself included. I’m glad I can order from ShopTo instead, it is £5 cheaper, and it’s guaranteed to arrive on release or the day after in my case – which is much better than what GAME have managed previously.

  8. I dont see them recovering from this one, not when they cant stock a really big game like mass effect

  9. Maybe if they were more like Gamestop they wouldn’t be failing so bad right now.

    I’ve been to florida a few times in the past few years and while there I always check out the two Gamestop’s in the local area I stay in to see how they are doing and what they have.

    Last time i checked (very recently), they said they were flourishing and making very good business with customers and I think this is down to the great service (imo) and the experiences that they offer in-store. These include:

    – Matching their Online prices instore
    – Having exclusive in-store offers which were often very good to encourage customers to use the store

    – Having staff that actually know about games and can describe them for a customer at length, as well as recommending them similar games they may like and steering them away from bad games.

    – Option to pick up games ordered online in-store on the same day (unless its a pre-order of course)

    And many more services i could name that GAME don’t. Personally, i believe and have seen that Gamestop have nailed exactly what a specialist game should be and do and thus is the reason they’re thriving and GAME are failing.

    I also firmly believe that if GAME moved to be more like GS then they would still be a very powerful force in the gaming market and would not be in the mess they are now.

  10. Disaster. They’re done. It’s only a matter of time now.

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