GAME Directors Might “Pull The Plug”

[drop2]GAME’s directors might have to “pull the plug”, according to a report in The Express with a source claiming that those at the top apparently feel that “insolvency has become inevitable”.

“There is a real risk that Game’s directors will pull the plug because they can’t be sure that the company can survive through the next trading season, and then insolvency becomes inevitable” said a source close to the company.


“They are in discussions with their legal advisers about whether to shut up shop rather than rack up more losses,” said the source. “The immediate response from RBS will be to push for more store closures, but the tipping point for the directors and the lending banks will come when the stores don’t have products to sell.”

News hasn’t been great for the company for some weeks now.

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  1. A few words of advice going out about cashing in your store credit. Obviously this is important – don’t let Game go bust with your money, however I’d also advise not to buy anything from Game full stop (other than PSN/XboxLive credit) as not only are you going to be paying more money than if you went anywhere else, if the product is faulty and you wish to return it they may not be there to take it back!

    • If they do go bust then the warranty transfers to the manufacturer (I think). With games you should be ok but for hardware it may be a concern. I bought my PS3 slim from GAME but it’s out of warranty anyway (although I can use the SOGA).

      But as I said earlier, it’s better to spend any credit sooner rather than later just in case – I’d rather spend my credit on PSN credit and have the option of resale (even at a slight loss) than lose the money entirely.

      Another option if you have quite a bit of credit could be to buy a few copies of SWTOR Collectors Edition for 50 notes instore and sell them on eBay as they still fetch a decent return – especially to overseas buyers.

      • I just hope their warranties are insurance backed because I paid £40 for a 3 year warranty last year when I brought a Slim from them

      • I’m presuming they are offered through a third party insurer so it should still be covered, again, I think so don’t quote me :P

        I personally don’t believe in paying for additional warranty due to SOGA

  2. Too expensive. Inevitable that the company would end up like Rangers FC

    • Managed by a former Question of Sport captain?

  3. think the prices wouldn’t bother me that much if I wanted something there and then and I have picked up one or two bargains in there but the attitudes of a lot of staff, wether I am shopping in castleford or cardiff, stinks!

  4. Went to buy Turtle Beach P11’s at Gamestation. £35 online, £45 in store. Tells its own story.
    Shame for the guys on the shop and warehouse floor, not at all their fault

  5. As much as it sucks people will lose jobs, gaming revenue may take a hit etc..fuck them.
    Each and every GAME store I’ve shopped at has seen me deal with obnoxious, uninformed and rude staff.. For whatever reason, Gamestation have always been friendly, accomodating and over all pleasant to deal with even to the point in a guy refusing to sell me a game there because they were due to decrease the price that coming weekend. All the bollocks that’s been happening with them recently kinda goes top rove they don’t form relationships with their customers and from having a friend who did christmas shifts last year, they treat their staff pretty poorly too.
    If gameststion I’ll be bummed because I like their staff and the chance to talk to people outside of you bunch and my circle or friends about games. I can’t have that relationship with an online store.
    Its sad that many industries have suffered in the massive advance in recent tech, like Virgin megastores and even HMV to an extent they have to learn to adapt or get swamped. It just seems they’re being very complacent with trying to order the publishers around.
    They’ve got what’s coming to them, I’m afraid.

    • I heavily recommend you would think it’s impossible to have a proposal touch from a website but those guys love twitter and respond to as much as possible, nice staff good prices never let me down on delivery

      • Lol damn phone I meant personal not proposal

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