GAME Reward Cards Accepted Again

The official GAME Twitter account has mentioned that reward point cards are now being accepted again (assuming you didn’t flog yours to ShopTo), although currently it’s just against pre-owned stock as the administrators start to figure things out.

“Your Reward Cards have now been reactivated by the Administrators for redemption against pre-owned stock,” said the account.  “This means that points can be earned on all products AND redeemed against pre-owned items as of now.”


“This only applies to Reward Cards only, at present moment.”

The same Twitter account also says that the website should be back “soon”.



  1. Good news for those with points. I used most of mine the last time I was in a Game shop, about 18 months or so ago, so wasn’t too bothered about losing the few I’ve got left.

  2. Good. I have a few mates with cards to cash in. Fair play to them.

  3. That’s great news for those that didn’t use up their credit in time. I honestly didn’t expect them to see the light of day again.

  4. Looking good. Sorry for the jobs already lost but I suspect it could have saved the company.

    Honestly, this reminds me of every time I play Monopoly, I buy everything I can and own 75% of the board, then the time I land on that 1 built up property, I have to mortgage half of my empire in an attempt to pay… Sad times playing monopoly :(

  5. Nice, didn’t save my job though Ass holes.

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