Piracy Rate On Android Version Of Football Manager Is 9:1

Anecdotally, I’ve heard similar – piracy on Android is rife.

Miles Jacobson, the guy behind the Football Manager Handheld series, has spoken out on Twitter about his latest game and how it’s been hit with unbelievable levels of piracy.


First up though, the good news.  About two hours ago Jacobson announced that the game had entered into the “between 10k and 50k” sales band. “Thank you very much to those who bought it,” he said. “However, seeing as people pleaded with us to get FMH onto Android, I’m amazed at how pirated it is,” he continued. “Around 9:1. Dicks.”

“And you wonder why developers are so reticent to make games for Android? The pirates could kill it for everyone. Sigh,” he added.

The ratio for piracy on the PC version was 5:1, apparently, with FM2009.

“The problem is much worse on Android,” he said, when asked about the iPhone.  “You need to jailbreak iOS,” he said. “Most don’t.” It doesn’t look like it’s been a particularly good day for the developer.  “Piracy on Android is the worst I’ve seen in my career in games,” he said.

These figures aren’t unique to this game, either. A quick Google suggests that around about 90% is the going rate in some cases.

The game costs £6.99.



  1. This is pretty shocking news and pretty disheartening for any devs involved in similar projects on the platform.
    So these pirates can pay hundreds for the actual phone but a few quid for a quality game is a step too far? The mind boggles :O

  2. Although it’s pretty immoral to just take it without giving anything back to the creator, £6.99 is a big asking price considering how devalued the market is atm for mobile games.

    So people shouldn’t, but they’re also kind of asking for it…

    • Asking for it?
      It’s better value than most FREE games!

    • i agree with colm, ive loved FM since the last SI CM games and its more than enough value for money, ive lost – to my reckoning – 20 hours to it.

      • Haha, amateur.
        I’ve racked up easily 60+ hours on the iPad.
        I love the FMH games. I buy the handheld version every year over the PC version, it just feels quicker and better.
        This is the first year I didn’t buy the PSP version though, the iPad version was much cheaper for practically the same game.

  3. Well I’m sorry to hear about the high levels of piracy but thanks to this story I now know that it is available for android. Hopefully it sells well enough to warrent you doing next years version on Android as well.

  4. Disgraceful. It’s bloody cheap and i’ve heard that you get more content then what you normally get with games that cost £7.

    Have a feeling that fanboy pirates may be responsible for this. :(

    I can see Android getting an early death due to pirating. :(

  5. people are just plebs these days

  6. man that’s a terrible number. I hate it more because I’m one of these people that’s sitting on the side hoping that they will release the next Football Manager on Vita so I can play it (My PC isn’t exactly good at playing games on lol)

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