Ghost Recon Social Game Shoots You In The Facebook

Social games. Games that rely on you flaunting the fact that you’re playing them to all of your friends, colleagues and people who attended the same school as you fifteen years ago that you have no recollection of. They’re big now, aren’t they?

Ubisoft managed to garner some praise for the way they helped promote Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood with a complimentary Facebook game so it’s no surprise that they’re once again forging ahead with using the massive social platform to promote their upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier.


The Facebook tie-in, entitled Ghost Recon Commander, promises “a fast-paced strategic combat experience that challenges everything you know about Facebook games.” Which is nice and confident. The screenshots look a little vivid in comparison to what we’ve seen of Future Soldier but it’s certainly got some grown up themes so don’t expect Ghost Recon: Nerf Wars or anything.

There’s a fan page up on Facebook now but the app page is still restricted. Shouldn’t be long now though. Our review of the game it’s promoting, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, will be here tomorrow evening.

Source: Facebook, via VG247