Meet the Reader: A Great Big Quiz

Last week was the last Meet the Reader, but what I want to know is who was paying attention? So, just for a bit of fun, I’ve put together a 20 question quiz with what I think is a nice mix of tricky and fairly easy questions.

To help out just a little bit, I have made it multiple choice, so don’t worry too much if you don’t have all the answers, you can probably make some educated guesses. You can always head back and leaf through all the interviews with this handy link.

So, I hope you’ve been keeping notes, good luck, and I hope you can remember how to spell you name!

Meet the Reader Quiz
Please select the correct answers from the dropdown menus.
1. TSA id: *
2. Who was the first ever reader met:

3. Who was the Mystery Guest?

4. NemesisND1derboy went on a course to study which self defence system?

5. How many female TSAers did we interview?

6. Who embarked upon, and has recently returned from a 3 month trip to South America?

7. Which interviewee went on to become a regular host on the TSA Podcast?

8. What was the April Fools joke Jambo and I pulled on you?

9. What was the fourth option added after Snog, Civil Partnership and Smother, when we started catering for the fourth regular Podcast member?

10. When were the two Sundays over the last year that did not feature a Meet the Reader?

11. Taking into account that we missed two Sundays out, how many editions of this feature actually occurred?

12. Which TSA power couple announced their courtship and love to the world via Meet the Reader?

13. Which other TSA couple featured in the interviews?

14. Peter never died. True or False?

15. Were there more Welsh, Scottish or Irish interviewees?

16. How many people want to meet me?

17. How many interviewees have used primitive methods to clone themselves? (Have a child)

18. Who has the honour of having the most comments on their interview?

19. Whose interview spanned a ridiculous four pages?

20. How many racing gods (read: won a racing tournament/championship) featured in the interviews?

21. Finally, who was your favourite interviewee?


  1. NO, you did not mention there would be a bloody exam. >__>

    • ok, weirdly, some of my comment got cut off.
      thankfully i pressed the page back button and it was still there.

      and is that a typo or is one third of a female TSAer really an option?

      there’s only one answer there i know i got right, well two if you count my favourite interviewee.
      unless i was lying of course.

      nah, i wasn’t.
      or was i? >_>

      of course knowing my luck the missing text will appear later and i’ll look like a loon.
      sorry, i meant even more of a loon. ^_^

  2. The answers which i have stolen from Tef’s office when i distracted him with a crate full of toeshoes(seriously,once he sees a Toeshoe, he won’t pay any attention to anything or anyone for 24 hours), are Yes.

  3. Fuck you all. I wasn’t mentioned. I’m taking my toys and going.

    • Oh just go and kidnap a kid as that always cheers you up, you moody git!

  4. Lol, tried doing this in ps3 browser and the answers are all out of sysnc with the questions, i.e. it gives a choice of TSA IDs for the answer to Q3, and a choice of numbers as the answer to Q5..
    I can’t fill it in now – even my few correct answers will be wrong! ;)

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