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Why Sony Didn’t Show The PS4 Console

The web was awash overnight with conflicting views and discussion, the overwhelming negative seeming to be that Sony were there to show off the future of PlayStation and yet failed to actually show us the hardware. Were expectations too high? Why wasn’t there a big reveal? Was a big black box really all we came for?

[drop2]Well, Sony didn’t need to show the actual PS4 at their PlayStation Meeting last night.

It might have disappointed some but by not focusing on the plastic they’ve ensured that all but the very lazy actually talk and write about what the machine can do, rather than simply what it looks like.

A console’s looks are important, of course, but yesterday’s press conference was about demonstrating the social networking features, discussing the hardware specs and – of course – the actual games.

There was no physical PlayStation 4 because there didn’t need to be one.

And, probably, there isn’t one yet anyway.

The controller was a must – the recent leaks had cemented most of the features and those playing the games onstage had to hold something that was complete. But those wires stretched a long way behind the curtain, presumably into a big ugly grey box and not some sleek black slab.

At this stage, with ten months to go, who really cares what the machine looks like? Wasn’t it more important to showcase its abilities rather than its construction? To ensure that everybody knew that Sony had the full support of first and third parties and that making games was an enticing, easy to port ideal?

Public opinion is critical, of course, and Sony’s stock fall around the presentation indicates that there’s some grounding to the debate. But imagine if Sony had made a massive deal of the unit casing itself and then picture what today’s press clippings would be about – would anyone be talking about the Share button? Or the Gaikai streaming?

The point is that Microsoft are likely to do a very similar thing with regards to interacting between users, and yet Sony have beaten them to the punch. Anyone can highlight their actual console, but few can get across so much new technology in amongst all those games without losing direction – Sony’s presser might not have been for everyone, but it worked for me.


  1. The media are bunch of fucking morons. Lot’s of bad press about this. I just don’t understand it, Sony have showed what the console is capable of which is what it’s all about at this point. They’ve put it out there for all to see and are now just waiting for Microsoft to make the move.

    I thought this article was quite amusing. The writer clearly has a warped perspective on things. The reason I liek it so much is the readers reactions!


    • Couldn’t agree more with your opening line or two. I’ve sat here almost furious at how the mainstream press appear to be reporting on this. Utter twats.

      • trollmonster, those reactions are great, it must be seriously embarassing so have almost everyone disagree with your article, I hope that writer is!

        Mike, the mainstream press want everything to fail and the whole world to be driven into a nuclear-depression where peado’s wonder freely in and out of nurseries and Burlescone runs hospitals. There’s almost no point in reading anything that isn’t journelised by TSA or The Onion these days, I’m glad I completed the internet back in 2007 so I don’t have to bother now :)

    • That writer just wanted more views.

  2. Not really bothered what I looks like in the words of my brother the other weekend when he pulled some girl who we all thought was abit meh.. ‘You don’t look at the mantle piece when your poking the fire’

    I cant wait for E3 now to see more of this beast which will inevitably have the official release date, list of launch titles more games oh and we get to see the machine. (if not of that happens I will sell my soul to the devil himself.)

  3. Agree totally with this article. Can’t understand why there’s so much negativity around the conference. Haven’t enjoyed a games conference this much since… well I don’t think I have. I thought they did pretty much everything right: the focus on the games, the theatricality of the event, of course the lack of hardware reveal. Well done them, I say; I came away with a positive overall impression (although that could have just been sleep deprivation).

  4. All this negativity is really pissing me off, As if Sony would let MS take all of E3??? this trick, is that Sony have had 2 hours to show games and specs/controller etc (then at E3 the design reveal and more games) MS will only have an hour or so to do the whole shebang. This is the calm before the storm, and i thought it was well played.

  5. “Amid the crowds of people shouting about a dying console business and how smartphone gaming is the only future, Sony said “No, fuck you, this is what we do and when we do it right, you’ll fucking love it. We have faith in console games and you should too.” They had their confidence back, after a year or two of seeming ground down by all the competition. They looked like they knew what was going on and how they could meet the challenges.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Also I don’t understand all the negative press surrounding the PS4 reveal…….Shit hot specs……streaming………video uploads………PS Vita integration……..Aye Sony fucked up bigstyle *sarcasm*

    I said in other article, PS4 could look like an ancient betamax video recorder, but it’ll still be excellent.

  6. Couldnt agree more. No need at all to see the console yet, the controller and games where enough. The specs look great and the streaming, video uploads, friend control and graphics all excellent. How could anyone not like what they saw.

  7. Howdy,

    Can you remember when an analyst said there will be one competitor which don’t tease a console 2013?
    Well he’s right: you only need the dualshock (and of course a new tv which will be powerful enough to stream and play games) that’s variant #1 especially for people with strong internet connenction…
    future TV’s will have the option to upgrade them with a upgrade kit (just plug it in and plug it out and change it ;-) )
    variant #2: a small console for those “offline gamers and disc lovers”

  8. I agree that games come before hardware, but given the slim and often generic offerings on display, I wanted to see the system itself to get me excited.

  9. I agree that they probably don’t even have a final console design yet but I also think another big part of it is wanting something big to show at E3 to try and steal some focus from Microsoft.
    If they’d ‘blown their load’ at once, there’d be nothing new to show at E3 and Microsoft would pretty much own that event.

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