More Stores Stop Stocking Wii U Models

The Wii U is in trouble. Yesterday it was revealed that in the last quarter Nintendo’s latest home console had sold only 160,000 units globally, with only 10,000 being sold in Europe. Without any major first party titles releasing soon those figures look like they’ll continue to slide.

It doesn’t help that retail stores are losing faith in the console too.  ASDA has already stopped selling the console and now, according to MCV, Morrisons has also taken the console off the shelves. This situation isn’t confined to the UK either.


ASDA’s parent company, Walmart, is showing the Basic model out of stock online. Other major chains in the US, such as Target and Best Buy, have also discontinued the sale of the 8GB Wii U model. Kmart, also aren’t showing the model on their online store (via)

However, the biggest blow has to be Gamestop not stocking new Wii U 8GB Basic Model, though used ones are available. It’s one  thing for a supermarket not to stock a console, but when a specialist retailer isn’t seeing enough of a return to bother selling it then that’s a major sign of trouble.

Nintendo still predict the Wii U will sell 9 million units this financial year, though so far the console has only sold 3 million since launch. Without the killer apps, like Mario Kart, appearing soon then Nintendo may need to reevaluate their marketing strategy.

Source: MCV/Gamegen



  1. Bad news for Ninty (and indeed people like me who have just picked up a Wii-U) but I get why retailers are doing it. Their priority at the moment should be shifting existing PS3/360 stock, while also advertising the PS4/X1 as much as possible. Seems a bit pointless ‘wasting’ shelf space with Nintendo products that won’t sell.
    Of course, I’m hoping this is a temporary measure and, once the ‘big name’ Wii-U titles are released, the console makes a return. That may just be wishful thinking though… :| something tells me I should have held out and stuck with getting the X1.

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