Mario Kart 7 Community App Drifts Onto Facebook

The 3DS playerbase is an ever growing community, with organised events from by Nintendo – and it’s fans – are a major factor in this.

Mario Kart 7 has a huge fanbase, and organised community races are nothing new, but Nintendo have now released a Facebook application bringing even more banana peels and tyre squeals to the racetracks of the Mushroom Kingdom.


By connecting your 3DS’ Mii to the app, you’ll now be able to participate in a host of new features – including weekly Event Races and Time Trials – with the ultimate goal of topping a track’s leaderboard, and being inducted into the brand new Hall Of Fame.

“Rainbow Road Hall Of Fame 2013” sounds pretty swish, I’m sure you’d agree.

Sitting alongside the races, the app brings a number of other social additions, including the ability for gamers to swap community codes, set up races with other players and participate in Mario Kart discussion. The new app will even notify you of any upcoming races you’ve scheduled with friends.

Mario Kart 7, and the Facebook application (supported by most desktop, although, curiously, not the 3DS browser) are both out right now.

Source: Press Release